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Prudence means wisdom in the way of caution and provision, It is a behaviour that is careful to avoid risks, it is the ability to discipline oneself by use of reason. In summary, prudence is good judgement or wisdom gained from experience and knowledge, and expressed in our attitude. Prudence helps us to make wise decisions.

2Tim 4: 3-6 – For the time is coming when people will no longer endure sound doctrine, but in their eagerness to hear what is new, they will accumulate for themselves teachers after their own liking, and they will abandon the truth to hear myths, so be always prudent, put up with suffering, give yourself to your work of preaching the gospel, fulfil your ministry.

Bringing down prudence to our calling as christians and to the study of the word, are we always in a haste to fine tune the word of God to the way that suits us? Do we always listen to false preachers outside the fold of God who always tells us what we want to hear and not the truth. If we are prudent, we have the caution that tells us the truth and helps us to avoid the risks and dangers that comes with lies from the devil in the name of false preachers.

Prudence is wisdom, it is discernment and discretion, prudence comes with having a good relationship with the holy spirit. The bible encourages that we test all spirits, prudence plays a vital role in this.


2Tim 3: 16 says ‘All scripture is inspired by God and is useful for teaching, for refuting error, for correcting and for training in righteousness. When we are devoted to the study of the word, that behaviour of careful reasoning (prudence) is automatically placed in our consciousness and with this we are able to refute error and train us in the right paths. Many are carried away with sweet words but this virtue helps us avert the danger that comes with it. Prudence is not only necessary in our spirituality, but also in every aspects of our lives, career, academics, parenting, decision making, relationships, e.t.c.

We ask God for the vitue of prudence as it helps us perform our Christian duty effectively and efficiently.