Qualities of a Good (Christian) Service

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Once you are alive, you must have something you are doing. Your vocation requires you to work.

While working, you should not carry out your assignment anyhow. There are qualities expected of you. These qualities make you succeed and excel in all you do, and they are not hard to imbibe.

Let us look at some of them:

1. Serve with passion.

Deep commitment to your assignment makes you to excel in your vocation. It also enables you to withstand difficulties in the course of your work. We should work with passion.

2. Serve with Pure and Perfect Heart.

Your heart and mind should be in your work. Do not be cunning; do not mischievous. Serve with all your heart (2 Chron. 25:2).

3. Serve Willingly and Continuously

God loves a cheerful giver. Be willing to serve no matter the level of reward attached. Every good service is its own reward. So, remove murmuring and ill conceived complaints and eye-service. Be consistent in your service, also.

4. Serve in Truth and Sincerity

Let all your service be done with all truthfulness and in singleness of heart. Be sincere in your works. Let the fear of God guide you as you carry out your assignment.

5. Put in your Best in the Service

Halfhearted service is detested by all including Almighty God. Produce the best from your service (Mark 1:6-8). The best way to put in your best is to love what you do.

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6. Be humble in your service

Have the heart of a servant. A servant is humble and dedicated to his duties. He accepts instructions and abides by the rules.

Always apply these to your life while serving and observe how enjoying your service will become.