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Text: Judges 13:5; 16:15-22, 28


To rebuild implies that there was an existing structure that is probably delapedated and requires amendment.

Anyone that wants to go far with God must have a covenant with God. If you must experience breakthrough in your life, having a covenant with God is very important.

One key covenant that we must learn to go into with God is TIME. Keeping our commitment of time to God will place us on a fast track in our walk with God.

We must not be in a haste to enter into a covenant with God. But should you enter into any covenant with God, you must ensure that you keep to it at all cost. (Eccl 5:1-2, 4-6).

For some of us we have entered a covenant with God and over time have enjoyed so much grace from God on account of such covenant. However, on account of our human weakness, some of us have not been faithful to this covenant. When this happens, the glory departs.

One of the greatest tragedy of a believer is that even when the glory departs, the miracle and power does not cease immediately. This was the case of Samson. Although, he broke most of his covenant with God, power was still flowing through him. Alas, he did not realize that the glory has gone until his last moment (Judges 13).


Today, the call is coming strong now more than ever for us to rebuild every broken covenant we have with God. Rebuilding our covenant with God must be done deliberately. It has to be a conscious decision. And ask for this immeasurable Grace to keep it.