Reflections On Isaiah 49:8-16

7 years ago Evangelical Ministry 0
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God truly loves me. Today, He lets me know that He is always with me.

He said that during the time of favour, He will surely hear me; and assured me of His help in the day of Salvation.

I now understand that there is no situation in this life that will warrant me to say, ‘God has forsaken me, or that He has forgotten me.’ God is always with me.

To show me how deep His love for me is, He did engraved (inscribed) my name on the palms of His hands and keeps watch over my life, thus protecting me.

Who am I then to merit this love? I remember His words in Jeremiah 31 verse 3 when He said that He loved me with an everlasting love – a love that has no end!

God’s word today has strengthened my faith,  keeping me firm in the Spirit and uplifting my Soul.

Thank you Lord. Please, give me the grace to love you back and to live a life that is pleasing to you always. Amen.

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