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Rosary: A Powerful Weapon (Luke 1:28)

Focus: Showing the importance of Rosary, and the 15 promises for those who pray the Rosary regularly

Minister: Rev. Fr. Innocent Afusim


Rosary is a set of prayers and bible passages put together. You can’t see some of them verbatim in the scripture but their expressions ‘re all written thereof.

Those ones you can’t see or find in the bible, are said to be prayers. They ‘re not against the scripture.

The first part of Hail Mary (Luke 1:28, 42) and Our father ‘re in the scripture.

The rosary can be said vocally and mentally.

The mental aspect of the Rosary is the meditation on the mysteries. Everything about the Rosary is scriptural, all the mysteries (The joyful, luminous, sorrowful and glorious mysteries) ‘re all in the scripture.

Anybody who prays the 20 decades of the Rosary very well has read all the new testament account.

One cannot talk about man’s salvation without our blessed mother. no one talks about the son without our mother. She was the instrument that brought the saviour to the world.

The rosary has two basic aspect. The recitation and the meditation of the mysteries. The fundamental of the Rosary is the meditation of the mysteries. The goal is to imitate what they contain and obtain what they promise. The essence is to pray it, assimilate it and appropriate them into our lives.

There’re many things to learn from her;

Our blessed mother was humble while carrying our Lord Jesus Christ in her womb, which teaches that the higher you go the more humble you become. That is why the moment she visited Elizabeth, as she greeted her, Elizabeth was filled with the Holy Spirit and she immediately received the gift of vision and prophecy. Her words carried power.


The rosary is also informative, reformative, performative and transformative. No one who prays the Rosary Will have his or her life being the same. E.g – The story of the nativity thought that Joseph preserves the dignity of Mary even after finding out that he wasn’t responsible for her pregnancy. How do we preserve the dignity of others? The presentation of the child in the temple, the fourth joyful mystery teaches that they followed due process even after realizing that the child they were carrying was Christ himself. This teaches us what we do not know (informative) and when applied, transforms our lives and Mary provides the Grace to sustain the transformation.

The rosary is a Trinitarian prayer. Luke 1:26, God sent Angel Gabriel to Mary, and so everything Angel Gabriel said to Mary was said by God the Father. Our separated brethren say that saying the Rosary is idolatry, but how can one say that the words said by God the Father is idolatry?

There are two types of redemption. Redemption by preservation and redemption by liberation. Mary was redeemed by preservation as she was specially created, she was made pure for the mission of bearing the Son, and God endowed her with all conceivable graces because she was going to be the mother of Jesus, and God wouldn’t have done that without being in agreement with the Son. In addition, Angel Gabriel said that the Holy Spirit will come upon you, which means that the three was in agreement, and that’s why it is also a Trinitarian prayer.


The trinity honoured her. In other words, the honour they give to our Lady is the honour we give to her also.

The rosary is also a contemplative prayer because without meditation the Rosary becomes an empty prayer and Jesus Christ says do not give up empty prayers as the Gentiles do.

The rosary is also christocentric as it has Christ as the center. All the mysteries depict all the acts of God. It is a very effective and combinative prayer as it is combined of praises and praying in God’s own exact words. It is supplicative as our blessed mother prays for us. She begins to disseminate graces unto us. Graces to overcome pride, worldliness, the suffering that God has destined for us e.t.c.
She plays the role of intercession for us, as she is full of the Holy Spirit. The bible says that the Holy Spirit intercedes for us, when we cannot pray.


The summary of the fifteen promises of those who say the rosary is that they cannot be lost, as it is instructive, informative, performative and transformative.

Peace be with you all.