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Most times when we face tough times, we sometimes forget that God is right there, listening to us and addressing our needs. Our circumstances can cause us to drift away from God and not trust that His plan is right for us. The truth is God knows and understands the hopes and fears we keep in our hearts. In fact, He’s the best listener and can get us through our troubles. (Psalm 34:17-18)

Here are 7 things God wants you to always remember :

1. God’s Love Runs Deep:
God loves you tremendously. No action you make and no sin that you commit can make Him love you any less (1John 3:1)

2. Miracles Are Real:
Miracles are not only real, but they are also happening every day. When you are in a very hard situation, God wants you to remember this (Deuteronomy 10:21)

3. God carries us through storm:

God wants us to always remember that our times of trial can make us stronger(Isaiah 43:2)

4. God’s plan for our life is perfect :
God has a special plan for your life (Jeremiah 29:11)

5. God will always be by your side (1 Peter 5:10)

6. God is the great Physician :
The Bible tells us that Jesus was sent to heal the broken-hearted and that He will restore our health and heal our wounds. Jesus not only carries all of your pain, but also has the power to heal you. Even in times of difficulty and uncertainty, God wants us to know that He is present and able to make us whole again. The beautiful part is that when God heals and restores, our lives are transformed. Trust in His healing power.


7. God hears your every need:
God is always listening to you and hears your every need, every time you speak and every time you call on Him. Even when you doubt that God is listening, He always proves that He is. God is always tuning in to hear what our concerns are. Sometimes, you may think that God isn’t listening because your prayers aren’t being answered the way you wanted or it’s simply difficult to hear what He’s trying to say. The truth is, you need to turn the volume of the world down to hear God’s voice. When life gets hard, allow His voice to speak over your fears.