What This Lady Got When She Asked For Forgiveness Will Make You Cry

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A certain woman had a quarrel with her neighbour. This led to malice and strong enmity between them. It even got to the point they weren’t speaking to each other again!

After hearing a message on forgiveness, this woman decided to make peace with her neighbour. To prove she meant it, she went to her neighbour house to ask for mercy and seek reconciliation.

But what happened next, she never expected it! First, she got a cold reception on getting to her neighbour’s house. Her neighbour was eating a very ripe mango fruit.

When she then opened her mouth to greet her neighbor, out of raging anger, her neighbour threw the mango she was eating at her. She couldn’t dodge as she never expected such.

The mango hit her deeply at chest and soiled her dress. Without being remorseful, the neighbor warned her never to step feet near her house again!

Though pained and embarrassed, she held her together. She picked the mango fruit from the floor and left. When she got home, she washed herself and took medication.

Next day, she went out and planted the mango seed. The seed later germinated and started growing.

Some years later, the little mango seed had grown into a big mango tree with many fruit of various sizes.

One day, this her neighbour was sick, very sick and hospitalised. No one was around to care for her; not even her children. She was not only suck but starving at hospital as she had not money to feed. She was starving and dying!

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When this woman heard this, she took a plate of food and some of the mango fruits from the Mango she had sown. She took them to her sick neighbour at hospital.

Without wasting the time, her starving sick neighbour devoured everything within minutes. After taking the food and the mango fruits, she was revived and full of energy.

She turned and thanked her immensely. She inquired where she got the Mangoes as they were very big and tasty.

Then the woman reminded her of the day she came to plead for her forgiveness and she threw a mango fruit she was eating at her. She narrated how she had planted the same mango seed that produced the fruits that just nourished her.

On hearing this, the neighbour started crying. She knelt down and begged for forgiveness. She wept bitterly. The woman forgave her, and led her to Christ.

Since then, their friendship strengthened. They became best of friends.

💥 There’s no joy in hate. Forgive others. Let go of wrongs done to you.

💥 Stop being angry or bitter towards somebody or about something bad done to you.

💥 When you forgive, you release the anger and bitterness that came with the hurt for what someone did to you.

💥 Remember, to err is human; to forgive is divine. Forgive today and enjoy your life.

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