Simple Ways To Witness At Workplace.

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The most important place to testify of the faith you have in Jesus Christ is at your workplace. This is where you meet and interact with more people in your life. It is your world and your pulpit. While you come to the ecclesia (church) to get strength and be rejuvenated, it is at your office that more of your glory should be revealed and released . How?

1). Meet And Surpass Your Target:

Excellent performance keeps you at the centre of your profession, and rightly positions you for greater impact. It makes you a ‘point of reference’ and a model worth imitating. It won’t take long before your manner of life and godly reverence begin to attract men to God.

2). Positive And Upbeat Attitude:

Having a cheerful and lively spirit make you to be someone worth being with. When you own up and correct mistakes or errors quickly, people begin to build trust in you.

3). Kindness Matters:

Take your staff welfare serious. Show concern to the issues affecting your staff members and customers.  Give assistance in any capacity you can – in advice, encouragement, free ride, paid lunch, financial help and career advancement.

4). Share Interesting And Catchy Gospel Tracks:

Occasionally, do distribute gospel messages and tracks. You can do this in evening when workers are done with their days’ activities, and are busy chatting over their business dealings.  Be cheerful in doing this. It is not about inviting people to your church but more of inviting Jesus into their lives.

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5). Pray Passionately For The Success Of Your Staff And Customers:

Effective witness starts at the altar of prayer. Great men are built in their closet. Pray for your staff members and their families, that they may know Christ and devotedly serve Him every day, and that all may go on well for them.

Always be bold about your faith in Christ and let this manifest in your daily life at office. Bear witness by your actions and words.


Share with us how this message has touched you as well as other areas through which you bear witness while at your workplace.