Small Things Can Make Great Impacts (Seminar 8: Day 3)

5 years ago Evangelical Ministry 0
Spread the Good News

Read: Matthew 13:31-33

Why did Jesus compare the Kingdom of God to a mustard seed and a leaven? If you have not sat and pondered over this you might discard what God has placed in you!

Mustard seed is small and unattractive. If given all other seeds, no sensible person will choose it. Yet anyone who has faith in it and sow it, and nurture and manure it, will be amazed at what plant that will emerge. Likewise, a yeast!

Brethren, we are God’s children. His Holy Spirit is in us and His word has been given us. This word of God, though looking small and foolish in sight of men and the world, has power and potential to turn things around and cause massive changes in the world.

Sow the word of God in your life and allow it grow and transform you completely! What you’ll become will amaze people! A single revelation from a verse of the scripture can bring a massive change and success in your life and your community.

If you allow the Word of God to take shape in your life, no matter the position you are given in your office or business, even as a gate man, the kind of ideas and transformation you will bring, will attract the attention of top management!

The question is “can you take this word and sow it in your life, and allow it grow through daily communion and fellowship with the Holy Spirit?” You worth much in this life!

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