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Spread the Good News

Soul winning means bringing souls to God, it mean populating the kingdom of God and depopulating the kingdom of hell

Ref: Mat: 28v18-20
This happens to be the last command of Jesus to his disciples.
And the last word of a dying man should not be toyed with.
Christ, when he was dying, charged the disciples to go and make of men, what he has made of them and baptising those that believed in the name of the Father, Son and The Holy Spirit.
Mk: 11v 13-14

This mandate did not end with the disciples, it has been passed down to us today.
We are all called into ministry for a purpose, not by accident, the sperm cell that brought about any man today, contended with million other sperm cells, that cell was energised by God to beat all others because of the purpose He has in his heart for you.
Therefore, you being an evangelist is not accidental. For every choice, there is a reason and a purpose, and there is a reason for every choice made.
Christ said you didn’t choose me but I chose you. So that there is a choice over your life. Christ did not only choose you, but had also given you power. Act 1 v 8.
We are not only called but has equally been empowered, Because the scripture said we shall receive power when the Holy Spirit comes on us!

Who is an evangelist?

Evangelists are good sales men, good witnesses for Christ! We are called to be good witnesses, men and women that markets Jesus to men. That is what we are suppose to be, we are supposed to adopt a technique that will help us market Jesus to men.
Examples; Jn 1v6.
John did not just come, he was sent by God,
John came to bear witness that through him all men might believe and come to Christ.
This does not mean all men on earth, but all the men that were attached to him, so also, there are men attached to our lives, that we might bring the word of God to them. If we don’t open our mouth to witness for Christ to them, nothing will ever happen, there can’t be soul winning without witnessing.
When John witnessed for Jesus, two of his disciples left him immediately and followed Jesus. In
2Kgs 6 v 24-29. If
the four lepers did not bring the good news of abundant food from the camp of Assyrians to the Israelites, they would have been languishing in hunger, had these men closed their mouths, the prophecy of God wouldn’t have come to fulfilment, so God wants us to speak up and never close our mouth. When Joshua in 2Sam: 23 v 13 -17
Thirsted for water from a river under siege by the Assyrian Army, His Army Officers knowing the need of their master wanted to meet that need and do the will of their master. That’s how God, wants us to always carry out his purpose.
We are expected to preach and scatter the word of God. We must make the decision today to preach the word of God, we must become good witnesses and a good sales person always preaching this gospel of salvation to men.


May the Lord bless His word in our heart!