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Focus : Helping members on how they can win souls more effectively

What is Evangelization? From the root word evangelism according to pope paul iv, he wrote an encyclical ascribing evangelism to be bringing the good news of Jesus Christ into every human situation.

Evangelism also means seeking to convert individuals and society by the power of the gospel itself; having the purpose to reach out the society by the power of the gospel.

Essence of Evangelization

1.The proclamation of the salvation of jesus christ (Jesus saves!!!!!).
2. To seek the response of the people in faith.
They are both the works of the spirit of God.

Strategies to explore for effective Evangelization

1. Soul winning by visitation (luke 19 vs 1-9) (Matt 25 vs 34-40): This is one on one engagement with people in sharing the words of God with them. Jesus showed a good example as He visited Zachaeus

2. Preaching of the word of God and engaging gospel outreach that involves a lot of people (Lk 4 :18) (jn 4 vs 42) (roman 10 vs 14-17) : This is reaching out to people in different ways or in several meetings. The ways are: door to door outreach, house to house evangelism, bus outreach, hospital outreach, street outreach, morning call, evening call, market outreach, school outreach( catch them young), sharing of tracks etc.

3. Soul winning by invitation (Matt 4 vs 18-20) (Matt 4vs 21-22) (John 1 vs 43 &45): A good example was the call of the Apostles. Jesus called them by using the words ”follow me” which practically means an invitation. We are expected to invite people to environment where they need to encounter christ.

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4. Soul winning by ministering spiritual gifts (1corin 12vs 8-14) (john 11 vs 45) (john 7vs31) (eph 4vs 11-13): Here there are people that are waiting to see before they believe so we shouldn’t underrate our ministerial gifts but rather fan into flame by asking for spiritual gifts for the purpose of ministration.

5. Soul winning by living a holy and a loving christian Life ( luke 23vs 39-42): The two criminals from bible, both admitted and declared the righteousness of Christ because they knew the good life He lived on earth and at the cost of this one of them gave his life to Christ and he said remember me in your paradise. Living a good life promotes the gospel.

The habits of a soul winner

1. An effective soul winner is always a prayerful person that is having the time to pray (samuel 5vs15)
2. An effective soul winner is always with word of God (psalm 1 vs 1-4): meditating on the word of God and incubating in the word of God.
3. An effective soul winner is always prepare and not taken unawares; always ready, active spiritually by being devoted, going to morning and evening masses and engaging in spiritual exercises.
4. They are always bold and courageous (Rev 21 vs 8): we shouldn’t be afraid to preach the gospel
5. They share christ anytime and anywhere
6. They see their interaction with other people as divine appointment.