Sustaining The Marriage Bond.

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The marriage institution is facing the greatest challenge ever in recent times. Divorce is running rampant even among Christians. Most marriages that happen to make it are however not happy ones.

Marriage is legalised union of two people in a personal relationship. It is a union of two adults not children. According to the bible God instituted marriage (Gen 2:18-24). Vs. 24 “That is why a man leaves his father and mother and is united with his wife and they become one”. KJV uses the word ‘cleaves’ which is a stronger word. It stresses the degree of attachment and sticking that should exist between a man and his wife. The Catholic Church sees marriage as a sacrament in which the couple entered into  a covenant where their love is sealed and strengthened by God’s love.


Getting married is easy but making sure yours is a happy one is often a challenge. Every marriage needs to be properly maintained in other to remain a healthy one that is satisfying to both parties.

Conflict is inevitable in marriage and what causes them are many. But there are healthy ways to resolve conflict in marriage and sustain it.


COMMUNICATION: This is a two way process of reaching mutual understanding through exchange of information, ideas and feelings. It could be done verbally or non-verbally. In marriage,  communication should be open,  honest and precise.  Tell your partner what you want. As a two way process, listening to your partner is very important without distraction. Intentional communication is a very good way of making the couple learn and know about themselves.

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SPENDING QUALITY TIME TOGETHER: No matter how busy couples are,  it is good to create time to be together alone without distraction. Quality time together is like an oil that lubricates your marriage.

GET INTIMATE: As married couple,  there is no need to sleep in different room. Touch is vital in bonding and connecting. Sex in marriage is a bond and the love language between the spouse (1 Corinthian 7 vs 5).

RRESPECT INDIVIDUAL TIME AND INTEREST: As much as couple become one and share many things together, it is also important to respect your spouse interest and social life. Do not be domineering or controlling; give your spouse his or her  space.

EXPRESS GRATITUDE: Acknowledging your spouse.  Make your spouse feel appreciated, needed and essential. Always say thank you. Husband should commend his wife’s wear and vice versa.


Marriage is a huge responsibility that needs to be properly maintained. The key to a good relationship is to meet the needs of both parties. Never give up. Do everything prayerfully and the almighty GOD will sustain your marriage.