Teach, Preach and Heal (Seminar 8: Day 5)

5 years ago Evangelical Ministry 0
Spread the Good News

Read: Matthew 9:35 – 37; 10:1 – 16.

Anyone who tells you that the time of miracles and healing has passed, that they only worked in time of apostles, isn’t telling you the truth! He or she wants to keep you in dark concerning your purpose and power as a Christian.

The principal reason you become a Christian is to represent Christ and go reconcile other people to God. God has reconciled you to Himself. Now, He charges you to go and get others to know Him. He chose you to bear fruits, and that fruit culminates in winning souls for God.

And to win souls, you need power! Not talks but real power! You need the power of the kingdom whom you represent: the kingdom of God. University give her lecturers academic power (PhD’s) to represent them well. Government give her own political power to reign and rule. Great corporations grant their owners financial and economic power!

But when it comes to Christianity we see dullness. Christians begin to think they can propagate their faith without power! That’s crazy! Wake up! Rise from dead, brothers. Let Christ shine His light on you! You need power!

Tarry in prayers. Your personal pray matters. Be with God in prayers and meditation for at least 2 hours each day. Yearn for His glory and power. It will come. God can’t send you on a mission without empowering you. Stay with Him and get power!

And for one thing, spiritual power is greater and above every other power, be it political, academic, financial or medical. God is greater than all. You are here for a purpose: to make disciples of all nations.

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