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Bro. Okey Ugwumadu


If you want rest for your soul, look for the way – Jesus (John 14:6), there you will find rest. Once you are on the way, you are on a journey to rest. Christian Life is a journey to find rest.

Every program of the church is because of this journey and every effort we make as stewards ministers, the seed we sow, all is because of the journey. The journey of Christian Life is the only place where the end justifies the means.

In the journey to eternal life, you must finish it because there is no prize for any runner up or third place position. So pray that you finish this journey you have started.

Today’s topic wants to open our eyes to the sorrow that awaits us if we don’t finish this journey. God wants us to always stop and meditate on our Christian journey so as to avoid the agony of not finishing it.


1. The agony in the garden:

It is the pain a child of God goes through because he wants to finish the journey. In this conference, you are in the garden, where mercy can prevail and grace will be shown.

2. The agony out of the garden:

This is when mercy is withdrawn. By this time no prayer can help you and all your tears can not move God’s mercy again.

Every child of God must have testimony from believers that you were seen in this journey and heaven will also testify to it when you get to heaven. The later is what matters most in the live of every child of God.

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Being rich is not a sin nor wearing expensive cloths because the rich man did not go to hell because he was rich but because he over looked the little things that matters like “an act of kindness”. Despite everything that Moses did, yet, he wasn’t allowed to enter into the promised Land because of the sin of little things that matter to God. May we never over look those little things that matter in this journey in Jesus name! Amen.

Moses served God for 39 years and 11months just few more days to enter into the promised land, yet, God didn’t change his mind! May it never be so for us in this journey in Jesus name! Amen.

Christianity therefore is a life of carefulness.

Pray to God not to conclude your case as it was to Moses who in agony prayed for mercy that was not shown to him. Because on the day of judgement, there will be no excuse. Other examples are in Matt 25:11, the agony of five sisters, even though they were virgins yet they were locked outside at the end of their journey. Another is in Matt 7:22-23. Those who after performing miracles in the name of Jesus were denied of the kingdom.

Shout “I will finish!”, Many men of God did not finish and were not given the opportunity to be warned. You who are following their foot steps and are hearing the Holy Spirit speaking to you to ensure you finish this journey, do not therefore, overlook those little things that matters in this journey.


I heard a voice saying to you now! “My grace is available to you”, don’t give a deaf ear to this call, take advantage of this opportunity to return to God the author and finisher of our faith.

The cry you will cry when the saints have gone, cry it now when the saints are still around! (song). Say Lord! may I never die on the way, may I finish this journey in Jesus name! Amen!

Peace be with you.