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To manifest means obvious to the understanding; apparent to the mind; easily apprehensible; plain, not obscure or hidden. No one living or dead can be associated with the Holy Spirit like the Blessed Virgin, Mary, the Mother of the Son of God, Jesus Christ, the spouse of the Holy Spirit.

Blessed Virgin Mary was so humble and devoted to serving God that He choose her, and then prepared her for His use. She was prepared to become the Mother of the Son of God on earth.

The Virgin Mary was so associated with the Holy Spirit in very clear terms; she allowed the Holy Spirit to direct her life completely. For this she attracted to herself the angel of the Lord. An archangel for that matter, was sent to her, to minister to her.

She was full of humility and service. The Holy Spirit dwelled in her, yet no woman or man has been as humble as herself. She went to serve the relation who was in need at the time. To be pregnant in old age is not a small matter. Virgin Mary was filled with the Holy Spirit that, she carried Him about and transmitted Him to Elizabeth and John the Baptist in the womb.

The prophecies that came from Elizabeth prompted the Virgin Mary herself, to prophesy too. It was a full manifestation of the Holy Spirit. The Blessed Virgin Mary, never boasted nor showed pride in spite of her exalted position, as the mother of God the Son.


The Virgin hardly spoke. She only treasured these things in her heart. We must learn from her how to bear any situation that comes from God, and never complain about them.

We all need to learn from our Virgin Mary how to dispose ourselves to receive the Holy Spirit; how to humbly live a contented life in the Holy Spirit. She was able to understand and key in to the mind of God, by following the son, even to the point of His death on the cross.

Meditation / Prayer Point

1.    Pray that you may be a true child of Mary, as a good mother.

2.    Decide that you will imitate the Virgin Mary in manifesting the Holy Spirit.

3.    Ask the Holy Spirit to fill you again.

(Source: Article is from 2018 Awka Diocesan CCRN Pentecost Programme, Day 9)