The Dangers of Borderline Christianity – Rev 3:1-3, 15-16 (Day 2)

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There is a great danger before those who run at the borderline race. This is the same with the race we run as Christians. Christians are in a race, in a very serious race that has its guidelines, rules and regulations. It also has an unbiased umpire.

Those who will finish the race must run the race according to the rules, and will receive the wonderful prize set for completing the race successfully.

To operate on a borderline means to be at the verge of falling off from the normal situation in the event. In medical terms, there is a situation between normal and not being normal called “borderline personality disorder.”

It is at a point of one making and not making it, between living and dying, between winning and losing, between making it to heaven and entering hell. This is really a serious situation and must be taken with all seriousness.

The characteristics of borderline Christians include:

  1. lack of commitment to the race,
  2. do not follow rules,
  3. do not read the bible judiciously,
  4. they are carried away by any wind of doctrine,
  5. do not attend fellowship always,
  6. they attend church or fellowship when they have challenge,
  7. some do not seem to have repented,
  8. many do not live the Christian life,
  9. many people are carried away by the world and all the world is offering them, etc.

Every Christian must avoid being at the borderline as anything may make a not serious Christian slip off. That is why the Scripture says we should stay awake for you do not know the hour the Lord will come (Mt. 24:24)

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The Lord says that He knows your activities. Whatever you do is very clear to the Lord (Rev 3:1). Are you a committed Christian or are you on the verge of falling off the race? Are you pretending to still be on the race it you are on the borderline because of human weakness? The Lord says you should wake up, strengthen what remains and is about to die (Rev 3:2)

Some people think that they are on the right track in the race to heaven when they are already dead. They carry their false reputation – in churches, in fellowship to seem alive.

You must check yourself to be sure you are on the right track. You can only be sure of heaven if you are really sure that the Holy Spirit of God is leading you. If the Holy Spirit is not leading you, you cannot make it successfully in the race to heaven.


Having seen that it is very dangerous to be a borderline Christian, ask the Holy Spirit to help you to worship God in spirit and in truth, so that you will not end up being a loser.