The Dangers of Secret Sin.

8 years ago Evangelical Ministry 2
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Sin is simply a disobedience to God. But there are sins that are more dangerous than the others (1John 5:16-17). One of such is secret sin. What is ‘secret sin’? Secret sin is that willful wrong which people do in hiding or at least kept to self, unknown to others, even to a closest party.

There are things about secret sin that makes it very dangerous.

1. It makes the person committing it feels that it is okay to do it because he/she gets away with it.
2. It is like an addiction that gets a person hooked until caught or convicted by the Holy Spirit.
3. It makes the victim appear righteous in the eyes of men.
4. Most of its victims live double lives, which when exposed causes a lot of damage such as distrust, shame, broken relationships,  divorce and even death.
Secret sins are not limited to illegal drug use or pornography. They include a multitude of sins which the person responsible is not willing to admit or bring to light.

Consequences of secret sin.

1. It degrades our ability to walk in purity, righteousness and holiness.

2. It is a barrier preventing true intimacy with God. It result to shame and hiding from God as Adam and Eve did (Gen.3:7-8).

3. It angers God. When a person is addicted to secret sin, it makes the person stubborn despite God’s warnings, which arouses the anger of God (2 Kings 17:9-18).

4. Secret sin affects not only the individual but the whole community. In Joshua chapter 7, the sin of one man(Achan) brought devastative result for all the people of Israel. The bible recorded that God told Joshua that “Israel has sinned” (Vs11). Even without everybody knowing it, one man sinned secretly and it affected the entire community. Until Achan was cast out and killed then, they were not able to have victory.

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5. When we try to hide secret sin, we commit more sin. King David in 2 Samuel 11 and 12 lust after another man’s wife, had sex(Adultery) with her and, to keep it more secret, killed the husband of the woman(Murder). The king lust after Bethshaba, committed adultery and in the process of hiding it, killed Uriah, the husband of Bethshaba.

6. Stunted growth – Secret sin bars true growth. The culprit lacks confidence and Zeal needed to make any meaningful growth in spiritual life.

7. It leads to eternal death (Hell). One sin is enough to lead us to Hell.

Let us desist from secret sin because its dangers are too weighty. Since we are the children of light, we should learn to do things that will please the Lord (Eph.5:8-13). Let us remember that secret sin only last for short time since every thing covered will definitely be uncovered (Luke 12: 1- 3).

Are you harbouring any secret sin, ask God for grace to stop it. He is abundantly to save those who come to Him. Shalom.