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Why Were The Other Five Virgins Foolish

This questions bothered my heart and I decided to find out, was it just about their oil not being enough? what does that connote? There were more to their oil not being sufficient, if they were sincere, certainly the bride could have helped.
But these were the six things I found out

Matt: 25 v 2-4

Things that the foolish virgins lacked that made them foolish

1.) Lacked sincerity; their profession of Christ wasn’t genuine, not from a true search for the Lord

2.) They had no patience to wait for Christ; they were mere hypocrites, they had no plans hence there were no extra oil. So they can’t wait to attend to Him.

3.) They lacked sound knowledge; A heart that must follow Christ must seek him knowledge wise, there must be yearning to know him everyday. The heart must become deliberate in finding him out.

4.) Lacked Settled Resolution; there was no settled resolution in their heart about true allegiance to the Lordship of Jesus, the ONE they profess.

5.) Their hearts were not stored up with holy dispositions. They were careless about spiritual matters, they could not see the value of holiness.

6.) They lacked fixed active principles that guides spirituality




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