THE HOLY SPIRIT: THE NEED OF THE TIME (Pentecost Day 8 Programme)

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God Almighty has always given His Holy Spirit to those who serve Him or those He wants to use, to enable them serve Him or work with Him.

God had used His Spirit to call people to Himself, to sanctify them, the break them, fill them with it and use them as worthy vessels.

Without the Holy Spirit, no one can please the Lord. The Holy Spirit enables a Christian to function well, with his Divine Ability. The Holy Spirit Comforts, Counsels, Helps, Intercedes, Advocates, Strengthens (Jn 14:16)

No one can function or live successfully in the present world as a Christian without the guidance, the counsel or rebuke of the Holy Spirit, who is the Spirit of Truth (John 14:17). People will be deceived, confused, lured into error, even the elect, if they do not surrender to the Holy Spirit in toto (completely).

Even teachers of the law must ask themselves if what they are teaching is in line with what the spirit wants. People cannot be separate for Christ, if the Holy Spirit is not fully working in the life of such people, as there are many things that want to occupy man, keep him busy, and gradually pull him down.

Jesus, our Lord and Master knew why He said that He will not leave us as orphans (John 14:18). He has sent to us His Holy Spirit to guide each of us, especially in this end time. This time of all sorts of false teaching; time when people are purposely turning the truth upside down and are trying to deceive many. Let us all pray that God will create in us a clean spirit. For the Holy Spirit is indeed, the need of the time.

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Prayer / Meditation

1.    Pray that the Holy Spirit will dwell in you richly (1 Cor. 6:19)

2.    Pray that you will begin the bear the fruits of the Holy Spirit – Love, peace, joy, etc

 (Source: 2018 Awka Diocesan CCRN Pentecost Programme, Day 8)