The Secret To Securing Greatness: Part One

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God’s utmost desire is that we all become great in different spheres of life in our generation. This is because there is a purpose that he has created us to accomplish and this is connected to the Kingdom business which is shining light in the midst of darkness. Therefore, to effectively advance this kingdom business, it take a man who is great.

To be great means to have unlimited influence and

Young male athlete running on race track.
Young male athlete running on race track.

access; access to anythings, persons, resources and opportunities. So in the advancement of God’s kingdom great men are required, this explains why it is God’s will for us to be great.

The very secret to securing greatness is enshrined in a word called favour. Favour means unlimited access beyond your effort. It has two (2) dimensions namely: favour with God and favour with Man as found in Luke 2v52.

It is obvious that favour actually is unmerited, one may not be able to fully explain or understand modes in which favour is dispensed, however there are ways one can activate it.

 How To Secure/Activate Favour With God

Below is the formulae for securing favour with God:

Favour with God = fear of God + walking in righteousness + Giving(sacrifice)  This is deduced from the encounter of King Solomon in 1st kings 3 v 3 -5.

Securing favour with God is not free, else all would have been able to secure it, Solomon became great by securing favour with God not because he only that he desired it, but because he met the conditions enshrined in the above formulae. So any man who desires to secure favour with God must do so same.

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 Fear of God: means to depart from all evil, refusing to do anything that will grieve God, and doing only the things that will make him happy. A man who fears God shows it by living for God alone as seen in the life of Apostle Paul in Gal 2v20.

Walking in the path of righteousness: means doing the right thing at all time, in all places, irrespective of who is hurt. Anyone who desires to find favour with God must fulfil this as part of the formulae.

Giving unto God: every man is moved when he receives from a fellow man something tangible. The same is applicable to God, but it must come from a life that fears him and shows it by his life style. God was provoked when he saw the giving/sacrifice of King Solomon. This sparked up everything we saw and heard in the life of King Solomon.

Solomon found favour before God and became great in his generation because he satisfied the equation for finding favour with God.

To be continued…