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Spread the Good News

(Wis 12:13.16-19; Rom 8:26-27; Mt 13:24-43)

The nature of the world, and the way God has chosen to govern the affairs of the earth, is such that we cannot afford to go to bed and sleep away our destinies.

By using the parable of the weeds and the wheat, to describe the kingdom of God, Jesus intended to show us that, God in His wisdom, is never in a haste to pass judgement on anyone.

As such, God allows both the good and the bad, the righteous and the unrighteous, to coexist until the time is ripe for the harvest and then, He would separate the good from the bad!

Fellow Pilgrims, from the parable of the weeds and the wheat, we are made to know that, although good seeds were planted in a man’s field, yet at night, while men were sleeping, an enemy went up to plant weeds in the same field. Now, Jesus went on to explain that, while the good seeds represent the sons of God, the weeds sown, represent the workers of iniquity, who continue day and night to sow the seeds of falsehood in the hearts of people.

Thus, if we are to remain faithful to our Christian vocations as good seeds, we have to be constantly watchful to ensure that, we are not caught off by the false doctrines and alternative lifestyles which are often presented as attractive and fashionable trends in our society today.

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Beloved in Christ, in our day and time, we must never forget that the enemy has not stopped coming by night to plant weeds in the different areas of our lives.

A close look at the entertainment industries, business world, politics, educational system and even religious organizations, would clearly show that bad influences exist everywhere and they often work so hard to gain more people to their sides.

As children of the Light, planted as good seeds in the land, we must be on the alert to notice and rebuke the influence of the weeds on oursleves and others, while striving to live the lives worthy of our vocations.

Lord God, grant that we may not sleep off while on duty. Amen.