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Text:  (Psalm 24 vs 7-10, Isaiah 45 vs 1-8, Isaiah 16 vs 17, Matt 16 vs18, Psalm 107 vs 16, John 10 vs 9)


According to dictionary, gate means doorway, opening, or passage in a fence or wall. Or a movable barrier.

The topic calls for urgent need to be equipped for progressive victories (physical and spiritual victories).

We are to rise against every hinderances that has shut spiritual growth or fighting against God’s design for our destiny. From the book of Psalm 24 vs 7-10, the spirit behind the gate was questioning who is this great king? And a voice answered – the one that is mighty in battle”. We should always command every gate in our life to open.

When the gates are lifted up (gate of poverty, barriness, failure, etc) there will be a revelation of the glory. The gates are spiritual and they need to be addressed to avoid limitations.

The purpose of God is to subdue nations. From the book of Isaiah 45 vs 1-8, He said i will open all gates because there are forces behind those gates so as to rebuild the temple of Jerusalem. There is need to open every gates in our life in order to move to the next level.

Note: There are gates to every treasures and there is a spirit behind every gate; and they need to be broken. And there is need to unlock those gates in order to gain assess to God and His blessings in Christ Jesus.

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How can we pull down these gates? They include:

1. We must be bold and courageous enough to approach God’s presence with a firm believe that God is our father. (Ephesians 3 vs 12).

2. We must have access through the Holy spirit (Ephesians 2 vs 18) to fight against gates 2Cor. 3 vs 17, in order to know different spirits that is behind every problems (2kings 3), understand what is happening and find possible solutions to them.

3. We also need the weapon of the blood of Jesus in order to win battles.