3 years ago Evangelical Ministry 7
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Theme: Renewed for His Glory

Text:(John 3 vs 1-3)

In the journey of christian race, there should be a point where we are expected to be renewed or revived. This calls for being born again without compromising.

First we are going to look at what the kingdom of God is.

The kingdom of God as a state (Romans 14 vs 17). The kingdom of God is not about eating and drinking but for peace, rightousness and joy in the Holy ghost.

The kingdom of God as a place (Matt 6 vs 10). Here practically means living in the kingdom of God in order to be born again.

What does it mean to be born again?

Born again means to be born of the water and spirit. They are of two dimensions:

1. Born of the Water means baptism (Ephesians 4).

2. Being born of the spirit. This is when you have the passion and the zeal to follow Christ (winning soul for christ).

How do we know men who are born again or living in God’s Kingdom?
They are as follows;

1. They reject satan, his works and promises daily. This is our baptismal vow which is usually renewed in some of the Church’s liturgy. We say no to the enticing things he presents.

2. They demonstrate unwavering faith in God (Acts 4:18-20). Sticking to their faith at peririous time. They ‘re ever ready to die any kind of death for the sake of the gospel.


3. They obey God’s words and are ready to die for it.

4. They believe and operate in the presence and power of the holy spirit unto manifestation of the holy spirit. Act 3:6

5. They have a deep and strong love for God unto a covenantal relationship.

6. They are eager to advance God’s Kingdom and reconcile people to God. 2corin 5:18

7. The are charitable, helping one another especially those of the same faith.

8. On daily basis, they pay the prices of being christ’s disciple. Luke 9.

9. Often, they meet God in the secret place. It is in the secret place that….

10. They lived the attitude and character of Christ. (Bearing the fruit of the Holy Spirit)