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Spread the Good News

As the theme of the 21 days programme says “Glorious manifestation of the sons of God”, the world is looking up to us for a glimmer of hope, especially in the face of the myriads of challenges that has befallen our sick world. It is God’s intention that we shall be a light to all the nations. Until we rise up to our responsibilities as children of God, the world will continue to grope in the dark. This expectations underscores the importance of this years prayer programme.

God wants us to go with him all the way in service of the kingdom affairs. Just as the disciples left every thing to follow Jesus, we too may also be required to leave some apparently important things in order to follow Christ (Mark 4:36).

And even in their pursuit of kingdom affairs, they encountered the storm, despite the fact that they were with Jesus. This is also the lot of most of us. We have given up a lot of things to follow Jesus, however, life has dealt us with a heavy hand; life has not been better off. Our businesses has not improved, our family and relationships have continued to go bad, we have remained unemployed and unmarried. It appears as though God does not care about our problems. But in truth God is not deaf to our problems, perhaps He just wants to strengthen our faith (Deut 8). In all of life’s vicissitude, God is teaching us to be faithful.


The disciples were at the verge of losing their lives in the storm, but the consolation was that they were in the same boat with Jesus and He will not allow them lose their life. And because the disciples recognized the presence of Jesus in the boat, they went to Him. The question for us then is, in our storms of life, who do we go to?

The problems we encounter in life will never leave us the same way. It will either take us closer to Jesus or farther from Him.

The moment the disciples went to Jesus, He arose and calmed the storm. God is still able and capable of declaring a word of peace in the storms of our lives.

It is the level of our knowledge of Christ that will determine our level of growth in the faith.

We must, therefore, on a daily basis seek to know Jesus the more. This is best done by constantly filling our lives with the word of God. The quantity of the word of God is the quantity of God in man. And this determines the level we will operate.

God has called us to wake him up in our situation. Give Him no rest until He fulfils His promise in our lives (cf. Jer 61).

God is still calling us to come to Him in our troubles and worries of life (Mtt 11:28). He is waiting to heal our life.