What Makes Home-Based Christian Communities Strong?

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Home-based Christian community refers to the communal life which believers living in a particular locality, street, yard or compound shares. These believers mostly practise what the early apostles did. They share things in common.

When they meet, usually at individual houses, after fellowship in their churches, they praise God together, share their joy, and tackle challenges together.

Every member is strengthened and encouraged. They mentor themselves and move each other forward.

Some of things that make these home-based communities strong and lasting include the following:

1. Love: They have and express genuine love, care and hospitality for one another. Because of the small nature, needs are easily met.

2. Giving: As much as any member can afford, he or she gives for the welfare of their members. They show concern for others need. They strongly believe that through giving they receive.

3. Assisting and Praying for the Sick: They give all necessary assistance to their sick members. They make them feel at home and assure them of God’s healing. They lend financial support heavily.


4. Faith: They express fervent and unfailing faith in Jesus Christ. During their home-based meetings, their stir each others faith through sound reading and study of the Scripture. They pray fervently together holding firm that God never fails. Sometimes they eat together.

5. Exemplary from their Homes: They build their homes firmly in God. They believe that once homes are good, society will be better. So they ensure true Christian values and virtues are lived and upheld in their homes by both parents and children.

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6. Bearing the fruits of the Spirit: They know that it’s by their fruits they shall be known. So, Galatians 5:21-22 becomes their lives – love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, gentleness, faithfulness and self-control.

7. Hard Work: No member of the home-based community is allowed to stay idle. They work and ensure every of them have something good he or she is doing.

By these, these communities grow and remain bonded such that no harm befalls any of them without such evil been revealed and destroyed through prayers and prompt action.

May more home-based Christian communities emerge in our society. Amen.