Why Do I Fall To Trials Easily?

7 years ago Evangelical Ministry 0
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Do you often see yourself repeating a sin, and being unable to withstand every force of trial? You weep, and feel ashamed. Sometimes you disassociate yourself from your brothers and sisters because of self-guilt.

Your case is not the worst. The truth is that trials and temptations usually come the way of every living person. However, with proper knowledge and grace one can overcome them.

Last week, we dwelt on reasons why trials come. We took time to deliberate on why we are severally tried and even persecuted. Today, we will assess the reasons why people give in to trials easily. This knowledge, we believe, will assist you to grow and stay strong in your life, even admist trials.

Reasons People Yield to Temptation:

1. Lack of Faith.
When you are weak in faith, yielding to trials is easy. As a believer, you should have a firm faith in God and in His commandments.

2. Poor Reality of Heaven.
How real is heaven to you? When the thirst for heaven and kingdom life dries up, yielding to sin can become the order of the day.

3. Lack of indwelling grace of God.
It is the grace that strengthens us in this journey of life, and keeps us in the path of righteousness. If you lack this grace, you life will be void and less immune to sin.

4. Wrong teachings.
What you hear influences how your life, and the more you give heed to unhealthy talks and ungodly teachings, the more likely you will fall to temptation.

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5. Attachment to the world.
The scripture says that we are in the world but we not of the world. It will be easy to sin when you are carried away with all the worldly lusts and pleasures. A child of God should practise detachment.

6. Satanic purpose/possession.
When evil enters a being, it tends to increase its hold by attracting other evils. And any soul with increased demonic possession, yields to sin easily.

The joy of every true believer is to kick trials off his or her life and remain strong in faith. Next week, we will treat what one need to do when trials come. We will also show the right response to trials. We encourage you to read it when it is published.