Why Do You Seek Jesus? John 6:25-27 (Day 1)

6 years ago Evangelical Ministry 1
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Several times in the Scripture we see where Jesus will turn to some people with striking question like “Why are you here?” “What shall I do for you?” “Why are you seeking me?”

And in all of these questions we see various answers to the questions such as “Lord, that I may see” (Luke 18:41); “Lord, tell my brother to share our inheritance between us” (Luke 12:13); “Make both of us one to sit at your right hand and the other at your left hand” (Matt. 20:21; Mark 10:37).

In todays topic and from where we read, the question comes back to us again, “Why Do You Seek Jesus?” This is a question that you cannot skip answering. Until one defines his/her reason for seeking Jesus, one may not be able to set his or her priorities right in seeking after Christ.

A closer and conscientious study of the above passage will help you discover that the people described above were zealous people. Can you imagine people who had such a zeal as to hire a whole ship to cross over to the other side of the sea just in search Jesus?

If we look at the situation being presented, one will be surprised, why is Jesus speaking to these people in such manner, so roughly? It is because He (Jesus) had seen their reason for seeking Him.

That it was not because they were zealous for the Kingdom of God or eager to obey the word of God or even eager to follow Jesus because of the miracles they saw the previous day but alas! Their reason was so canal to seek Jesus for.

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“Food” was their reason for following Jesus. To be able to eat and have some left over.

You that is reading this now, have you ever sat down to ask yourself the reason for following Jesus. Maybe you are following Jesus because of one material need or the other. May be that someone has told you that when you start following Jesus all your problems will be solved or that no sickness will ever come to you or that your business will start booming.

If all these are the reasons for your following Jesus, they are all wrong reasons for following Jesus. The only correct reason for following Jesus is what Paul said in Philippians 3:10 “That I may know Him and the power of His resurrection” and in fulfillment of the word of Jesus Christ which instructs us to “Seek first the Kingdom of God” (Matthew 6:33).

In this 21 days programme, ask the Lord to help you to change your orientation about following Jesus. If your orientation about following Jesus is not correct, you may be zealous all your life, but zealous in the wrong way. Repent of it and ask Jesus to show you the right way to follow him. Amen.


Make out a quiet time during which you meditate on why you have been attending fellowship, crusades, other religious activities, or even your reason for attending masses, and ask for forgiveness if your intention has been wrong, and thereafter develop a correct mindset.