Why You Must Be Crucified to the World Before Joining Christian Community.

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The world system runs contrary to the precepts of God. It abhors anything God and does not want to contain it. To be crucified to the world means being dead, unreactive to the worldly system, ways and values.

You are no longer carried about or influenced by the way things are done on earth. Rather, you are influenced and controlled by God’s principles and commandments.

Reasons Why You Must Be Crucified to the World.

1. No Man can serve two masters. You cannot be loyal to two opposing forces at the same time. One has to love one master and despise the other (Matthew 6:24).

2. It takes us away from God. Worldly system takes us away from God and leads us into destruction (Acts 2:20).

3. To avoid enmity with God. If we become friends to the world we become enemies of God (James 4:4).

4. We are not of this World. Christ testified that we do not belong to this world, as He is not of this world. There is no reason to allow this world system to control us (John 17:16).

5. To grow spiritually. If we live in the spirit, we will grow spiritually (Galatians 5:16).

6. To please God. Romans 8:8 discloses that those who live in the flesh cannot please God. Our God wants to be pleased; because He is a spirit, we can only please Him in the spirit.

7. To be a valuable instrument for Kingdom advancement. If we cleanse ourselves from all worldly filthiness, we will become worthy instruments for God’s purpose (2 Timothy 2:20).

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8. To protect our salvation, faith and holiness. The gift of salvation, faith and holiness which God has given us must be cherished, protected and preserved. It is precious and must not be lost to the world.

9. To protect our goals. The enemy is after our spiritual goals especially the goals of living chaste life, winning souls, being worthy ambassador of Christ and living eternally in the Kingdom of God.

The Holy Spirit is here to help us. We cannot live and please God by our own strength. In fact, no man has ever been recorded to have pleased God by His personal effort.

It is the Spirit of God that enables us to say ‘no’ to the sin and the corrupt worldly system, and to say ‘yes’ to the righteous way of God. Invite Him into your life today and tell Him all your heart desires. He will surely help and strengthen you. Amen.