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Spread the Good News

(1Kg 3:5.7-12; Rom 8:28-30; Mt 13:44-52)

Supposing you were given the opportunity to meet one on one with God, and then given the privilege to ask for anything, what would you ask for?

Of course, many of us would be so quick to make requests such as, enough money to buy enough private jets, instant death of all our perceived enemies (wicked uncles, aunts and colleagues), and perhaps long life.

Well, on this 17th Sunday of the year, the Lord cautions us and draws our attention to seek after the only necessary things in life, and that is, to please God

Fellow Pilgrims, oftentimes in this world, we struggle and spend so much energy searching and working for a good life here on earth, without giving consideration to where eternity shall be spent.

In the Gospel reading of this morning, Jesus uses the parables of the treasure hidden in a field and the fine pearls of great value, to describe the kind of attitude we ought to have towards the kingdom of God and the kingdom of this world.

And the fact is that, no sacrifice would be too great and demanding, and no price would be too high to pay, for the man or woman who discovers the true value that the kingdom of God offers.

Beloved in Christ, unfortunately, in our age and time, our value system has been hijacked, and as such, we have become so used to misplacing our priorities. If only we could realize again, the true value of the kingdom of God and all that it offers, we would be ready to take whatever risks it would cost us to attain it.


King Solomon understood this secret and prayed for wisdom, and because he desired to please God first, even the things he did not ask for, were added to his list, because, the wisdom of God always comes with many other favours.

Lord God, grant us the wisdom to know and value the kingdom You have promised us. Amen.