You are called to be a disciple of Jesus – Day 1

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Study Verse: John 1:35-51

It is not enough to have a heart for God. The disciples of John the Baptist already had a heart for God, same as Peter, Phillip and Nathaniel, but there is something more. We need to learn the way of Christ. He calls us in the week of the seminar to enroll in his school. He wants to take us through experiences that will transform us into himself. He wants to train us through several instruments and unique experiences; but needs us to say ‘yes’ to his call. We need to surrender to him totally, so that he takes charge and then bring into our life – one stage at a time – such situations that will bring about our transformation.

Oh Lord help me to say ‘yes’ to your call and follow you all the days of my Life.

Dear Friend, kindly study the Bible verse and the reflection, to get God’s message for today and pray with the prayer intention above.

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