3 years ago Evangelical Ministry 2
Spread the Good News

You Can Even Do More Things Than I (John 14:12-14).


This charge, “They will do even greater things”, is a call to the realisation of our true potentials as children of God and an awakening to the need to key into it. To properly understand this assurance in it’s right context, an overview of the works that Jesus did will be a fitting starting point. As we brace ourselves for the greater works we are expected to do, we must trust that it is God who will work in us to do these things. Our confidence is that whatever God says He will do, He will surely do (Num 23:19).

The Works of Jesus:

1. Jesus preached the gospel everywhere (Mrk 1:39, Mrk 2:2).

2. Jesus freely cast out demons (Mrk 1:34-35 and 39, Mrk 5:8).

3. Jesus healed the sick (Mrk 1:30-34).

4. Jesus was active in prayer (Lk 6:12; Mrk 1:35). Jesus made it a point to rise early for prayers.

5. Jesus cures the lepers.

6. Jesus worked with great wisdom and understanding (Mrk 2:17-19; Mrk 2:23-38).

7. Jesus pulled great multitude (Mrk 3:7, 20)

8. Jesus worked amazing miracles (Mrk 4:36-41)

Secrets to Greater Works:

1. A firm belief in Christ Jesus (Mrk 16:15-20)
2. Baptism in the name of Jesus (Act 2:3-8)
3. Faith
4. Denial of self (Mrk 8:34)
5. Apostles 4 secrets (Acts 2:42)
6. Fasting.
7. Service (Mrk 10:42-45)
8. Desire to do good works
9. Yearn for spiritual gifts (1 Cor 12:7-11). Do not belittle any gift.


Men that Did Greater Works:

The bible is replete with men that did greater works. A few examples are;

1. Peter; He preached so powerfully that he converted 3000 men in one day. So great was the power of God upon his life that his shadow healed the sick.

2. Paul; Manifested so much power that handkerchief from him healed the sick (Act 19:11).