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Who or what is a witness?

A witness is something or someone that serves as an evidence. Someone who saw it happen. The book of Acts is filled with men who witnessed for Christ. When Jesus finished his earthly ministry, through the completion of his Paschal mystery – from birth, suffering, resurrection and ascension – he handed the mantle to those he chose for himself who witnessed what he did on earth, to continue the spreading of the good news.

The truth is this, if you ‘re saved and you cannot save others, your salvation is questionable. This is because, Christ saved us to save others. If what we receieved is good for us, then, you shouldn’t be delayed to save others.

What does it mean to bear witness for Christ?

It simply means to testify about Jesus by words and actions. The life we live is a message for others. Our attitude, lifestyle, habits are all messages to those around us. The actual purpose of our existence is bearing witness for Christ. John the Baptist declared in John 1:7-8 that he came to bear witness for Christ, someone he was unworthy to untie the stripes of his sandals. The Apostles standing in front of the Jews boldly said to the crowd that they themselves were witnesses to Christ ministry. For this reason, they can’t stop preaching and teaching about whom they saw and stayed with. Acts 5:32 revealed that both the Apostles and the Holy Ghost were all witnesses for Christ. No man can say that Jesus is the Lord unless he has the Holy Spirit in him. In other words, the Holy Spirit is also a witness. If my speech, thoughts and actions denies people to know Christ, then we ‘re not worthy to be called witnesses.


What does it take to be a witness?

1. It takes divine encounter. Your level of encounter determines what you can offer. A man without rich experience about Jesus Christ cannot function effectively. Encounter defines a man. What makes us who we ‘re is encounter.

2. It takes the Holy Ghost. Jesus admonished the Apostles to stay in Jerusalem until they were clothed with Holy Spirit. When you lack the Holy Spirit in you, there ‘re levels you cannot operate in the realm of the Spirit.

3. It takes personal decision. It is your personal decision that determines how effective you can be in witnessing. Without personal decision, you may not continue in the grace of God which helps to spread the gospel.

Areas you need to bear witness

1. The world: The world needs witnesses. The level of decay in our society is alarming, hence, the need for witnesses. You must bear it mind that we ‘re in the world, but we are not of the world, what it means is that we ‘re separated from the world. If you fail to introduce yourself to the world of who you are in Christ, your identity in God, the world will introduce itself to you. You must tell them who you are from the beginning, let the persecution begins from there.

2. The Church: The church is one the greatest battle field in the realm of the spirit. We must work for God in the Church.

3. The Charismatic Renewal community: The question is; where ‘re you serving God in the Renewal, can your ministry do without you? We must take up our position in the Renewal to set things right.


Tools needed for effective witnessing

1. Intimate relationship with God: They that know their God shall be strong and they will do exploit. This will transform you to appear like God, that’s transformation sign.

2. Maintain your relationship with the Holy Spirit: After the seminar is over, life in the Spirit continues. When this is absent, you will live your life carnal.

3. Knowledge of the scriptures: This is the word of God which reveals the identity of God to you. Get your bible and study it day and night. If you truly love God, you must then sacrifice your material things to get godly articles which teaches about God.

Benefits of witnessing for Christ

1. The power of God will continue to be in action.

2. God will be glorified.

3. The gospel will continue to grow

4. We become God’s ambassadors on earth

5. Heaven becomes our inheritance

Things to guard against in witnessing

1. Guard against your personal interest. When you have any interest or mission aside witnessing for Christ, you ‘re no longer working for him.

2. Guard against worldly desires and pleasures. Don’t be moved by the system of the world, for what it wants wars against the demands of God.

3. Guard against your environment. The environment you live has the ability to reshape you if you don’t take precautions.

4. Guard your inability to get committed in the things of God deeply.