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CCC – says that the body of Christ is the same thing as the Church.

The church is not a physical building but an assembly of those who have accepted Jesus, baptized and living their lives for God. People that have covenant with God, people in the world but not of the world.

The church is a liturgical assembly. It is also callrd a local assembly, universal assembly. She is a community of believers that trust in God.

When God was creating man, he had the Church at heart. When He made the first man, he established a relationship with him, but when the first man fell, the existing relationship was destroyed, God then started looking for other ways to institute another church. He sent prophets, messengers which still fell in the mission, then the plan to send his begotten son came, He sent Jesus who then is the head of the Church today.

When Jesus came, he established the truth and made us to know the truth, He is the truth. As he was about to depart, He prayed for the Church in John 17 – “Father, that they may be one and United in the Love which exists in the father and the son.” This prayer was made too effective in Acts 2:1-11 when the Spirit was released upon the Church. The proclamation of the gospel sets forth from this event.

CCC went further to Characterize the Church with qualities which distinguishes her from other ethnic, religious, political and social community.


Characteristics of the Church

1. We re people of God, royal priesthood, a holy nation and people set apart.

2. We ‘re members of the God’s family not by physical birth but by being born a new. John 3:3-5

3. We are the community of the Church of Christ with Jesus Christ – the son of God – as the head.

4. We are the sons of dignity freed from sin

5. The law in this community is love. The guiding principle, the standard as a church of Christ.

6. We ‘re the salt of the earth and the light of the world. Wherever there is darkness, the body of Christ illuminates the place and gives it light. Love is the language of our kingdom. 1John 4:8. Hatred is not of our kingdom.

7. We ‘re known for unity, hope and salvation. We ‘re the ones to change the world, that’s our destiny after Jesus finished Sanctifying us with His Holy Spirit.

Activities of the Community/Church of Christ (Acts 2:41-47).

1. Faithful to the Apostles teaching

2. Fellowship

3. Breaking of bread

4. They devoted themselves to Prayers

How do we handle our body as the Church? It’s a rhetorical question. Are you among those changing the status quo of the body which the Lord gives. Are you among those twisting the word of God to suit your ego, remember, it’s the temple of the Holy Spirit. You must handle it as God wants and not how you want it.