2017 Life In Spirit Seminar Quiz.

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Question 1.

In which of these seminars was the love and care of the Father Almighty revealed to the participants.

A). Seminar 1
B). Seminar 2
C). Seminar 3

Question 2.

The story of Zacchaeus was read in order to butress the principal message of one of these seminars:

A). Seminar 1.
B). Seminar 2.
C). Seminar 3.

Question 3.

In which of these seminars, is the below Christian best sang:

‘I surrender, I surrender all,
I surrender, I surrender all,
All to thee my Blessed Saviour,
I surrender, I surrender all’

A. Seminar 2.
B. Seminar 3.
C. Seminar 4.

Question 4.

A certain letter was requested from the participants to be written in course of the seminar expressing ones wish and desire to follow Jesus wherever He leads. Which letter is that?

A. Application letter.
B. Commitment letter.
C. Rejection letter.

Question 5.

What is the theme of Seminar 6?

A. You then are the body of Christ.
B. You will receive the Holy Spirit.
C. You shall be my witnesses.

Question 6.

The communual life of the early disciples was best emphesied during which of there seminars?

A. Seminar 6
B. Seminar 7
C. Seminar 8

Question 7.

What is the central Theme of 2017 Bread of Life CCRN Life in the Spirit seminar?

A. Intimacy with God.
B. Light of the world.
C. Power that never fail.


(Responses to be considered are those received before 2PM tomorrow. Ensure your Nigerian Mobile/Phone Nos (MTN) are clearly written together with your answers)

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