Resist The Devil

19 hours ago Evangelical Ministry 0
Often when we hear statement like “Resist the Devil,” we might think of engaging in warfare prayers or traveling to our village to pull down ancient evil foundation. While these are good, they are not the first thing God is even pointing at. Resisting the devil means weeding out from our lives thoughts, desires and Read More

Exercise Your Authority

2 days ago Evangelical Ministry 1
If you must effectively destroy the works of the Satan and liberate men from his evil yokes, you must exercise the full authority Christ has given you. Satan opposes every work of God. He wants people to languish in darkness and not see light at all. But you have a mandate from God to bring Read More

When The Lord Stands With You.

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If everyone desert you, may the Lord stand with you. When everyone runs away from you, may the Lord be with you still. His presence alone brings confidence and strength. God’s presence is an assurance of safety and deliverance. Saint Paul, though an accomplished minister of God, tasted the same fate. At a certain time Read More

Bible Quiz No. 04

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According to Saint Paul’s prayer in Ephesians 3:14, from whom did all the families in Heaven and Earth receive its true name? A) Adam B) Evangelist John C) God the Father D) Holy Spirit Read More

Saint Paul’s Prayer for You

3 days ago Evangelical Ministry 1
One of the heart-touching prayers that Saint Paul said is found in Ephesians 3:14-19. If you read those verses carefully, you cannot but ponder on deep revelation which St. Paul had about Christ. Below is that prayer: “For this reason I bow my knees to the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, from whom the Read More

Bible Quiz – No. 03

4 days ago Evangelical Ministry 2
According to Acts of Apostles 11:21, what truly caused many people to believe and turn to the Lord? A. Apostles fasted and prayed often. B. Jesus had promised he will come back. C. The Lord’s hand and power was with Apostles. D. Because of the persecution and tribulations. Read More

Walk With the Lord

4 days ago Evangelical Ministry 1
Life is hard when the presence and power of God elude you. If you want to make impact and do wonders on this earth, then take your relationship with God serious – Walk with God Spend time with Him. Know what He desires. Do what He says. Praise Him. Worship Him. Cut out from God, Read More

Bible Quiz – 02

6 days ago Evangelical Ministry 0
One of these is not what God said in 1 Peter 4:11. A) If you preach, preach the very words of God. B) If you serve, do it with the very strength which God supplies. C) In some of the things you do, let God be glorified through Jesus Christ. D) Let God through Jesus Read More

Glorify God Through Your Service

6 days ago Evangelical Ministry 3
If there’s a verse of the Scripture that shows how the people of God should carryout their daily works, it is 1 Peter 4:11. This Scripture verse is so explicit concerning the manner of service that gives God glory. Read its content below: “Whoever speaks , is to do so as one who Read More

Walk Faithfully Before God

7 days ago Evangelical Ministry 2
The last words of righteous people before they die are always worth hearing and pondering over. Often these men that carry special anointing and glory of God don’t leave the earth without giving some instructions. From Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Joseph, David, to Jesus Christ, Stephen and Paul, their last words were germaine And what has Read More