Is Jesus Christ Really Your Lord? (Seminar 3: Day 2)

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Read: Luke 6:46-49

We have grown and reached a stage in life when we must understand clearly every word we proclaim. It’s aberration and total confusion of life to say that Jesus is your Lord, yet you don’t do what He says.

It is a mark of rebellion. The same that got Lucifer thrown of the Kingdom of God! Yet we all go about living lives any way we want, telling lies, falsifying results and certificate, disobeying authorities, sinning and exhibiting all forms of evil, yet we say Jesus is our Lord.

It’s a lie! Jesus is not yet your Lord! Satan is. Let’s stop all these rubbish! How can Jesus, the one you call your Lord, the one you pledged to submit to and be His servant, how can say one thing and you do another!

Look, Jesus is a gentle person. He may not even rebuke you. He will just sit and watch to see your end. For surely you will end in destruction. In Jesus is life, every other thing is death! Cut out from Him you can do NOTHING!

Brothers and sisters, the best decision in this life is to make Jesus Christ your Lord. This must be in sincerity and truth. To do this, you must fulfill three things:

1. You must come to Jesus Christ.
2. You must hear his words.
3. You must do them.

You cannot do No. 3 if you haven’t carried out No 1 and 2. A lot of people said they are working for God but don’t know the God they are working for! This is foolishness. “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge,”

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says the Scripture.

So, when it comes to Lordship, it’s not by declaration but by the level of obedience I have to God and His word. The beautiful thing is that when we do what He says there’s no shaking even when turbulence of life comes.

Say This Prayer:

Lord, help me to make your word the standard for my life. My Lord Jesus give me the grace to do the will of the Father in heaven. Amen.