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(John 8:1-11)


From today’s gospel, we saw people who were much more concerned about law and legality rather than mercy, forgiveness and reconciliation. Human existence as was originally orchestrated was not meant to be centred on laws but love. But, the inability of human beings to exist in colony and harmony gave rise to laws, constitutions and doctrines.

When Jesus talked about fulfilling the laws of Moses, and not abolishing them, he was figuratively trying to demonstrate to the law makers and interpreters that they lacked the original context of the law which was “love”. He went further to teach them that the law was given to them because of their unbelief, it was not originally meant to be for God’s elects and as such, was penned down by Moses which today is called Mosaic law rather than God’s law. Today, when you talk about God’s law, what comes to your mind is *”Love”* – the sum and summit of Christ’s gospel which we saw him demonstrate today in the gospel to the woman caught in adultery.


1. Jesus saved the woman from the public shame by putting her accusers to a public disgrace. Before you cast a stone, make sure you are without a fault. Stop parading holier than thou attitude. No one who is living is a Saint, we all pass through the same struggle in different capacities everyday.

2. Every sinner has a future. The future here is that every sinner is a potential saint. Don’t condemn someone because of the life he or she is currently living in. St. Paul whom we see as a model now was once an oppressor of the church. There is a future for every sinner, God has not given up on any soul, He is too prodigal in love.


3. Be careful the way you treat sinners. Everybody sins in one way or the other, and imagine if God has dealt with us according to our sins, and saved His son Jesus the stress of dying for minus-minded mankind. Nobody has a monopoly of holiness, It’s the nature of God, we only strive to respond to this love he demonstrated on our behalf even while we were still sinners.

4. Gender inequality has been in existence since the time of the old. The question is; where was the man that committed the same act with the woman? Perhaps, he ran away, or better still, was spared because he was a man, a man has the right to do whatever he likes but women don’t abi? what a world! It is even possible that the man she committed the adultery with was among her accusers, or among the scribes or elders shouting crucify her!!. Evil must be condemned and all parties involved must be held accountable irrespective of gender, status or position.

5. Finally, condemn sin but not the sinner. Jesus last word to the woman was; “Neither do I condemn you, but go and sin no more!” Jesus didn’t encourage her to continue in the act, No! He admonished her to abstain from that act but forgave her every atrocities she was involved in and set a new page of sainthood for her. The woman later became a Saint in the church today.

Brethren! every sinner is a potential saint. Don’t forget this. Peace be with you all.