Reflections On Revelation 1:10-18.

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Spread the Good News

I am invited to live everyday of my life in the Spirit of God. Jesus continues to reveal Himself to His people.

I must be attentive to voice of the Spirit of God. He speaks both in loud and quiet voices.

The image of Jesus Christ as John saw Him was truly revealing:

* His Robe – He was dressed in a robe reaching to His feet. (I should cover my self very well)
* Golden Sash – This was wrapped around His chest
* His Head and Hair – These were white as white wool and like snow. (Righteousness must lead)
* Eyes – They were flashing like a flame of fire.
* His feet – His feet were like burnished (white-hot) bronze refined in a furnace.
* Voice – The voice was powerful like sound of many waters.
* Right Hand – He held seven stars in His right hand representing seven churches.
* His Mouth – From His mouth came a sharp two-edged sword.
* His face – This was like Sun shining in all its strength.

Jesus Christ is really glorious. He is the First and the Last. He has the Keys of death and of Hades. He says to me today, ‘Do not fear.’

Thank you Lord for the love your have for me.
Thank you for being my Saving me.
Be my Lord all the day of my life. Amen.

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