Be Mindful of God’s Will

5 years ago Evangelical Ministry 0
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Read: Genesis 11:1-9

No matter how awesome a particular motive is, if it’s not in line with God’s will and plan, it will worth nothing before God. It will bring no glory to God.

I believe one of the reasons God gave us His Holy Spirit is for us to be His sons and know what His will is and do what pleases Him.

These men here decided to build a city and a tower whose top is in the heaven. The purpose is to make name for themselves and stay together.

This wasn’t God’s intent! He wanted them to go out into all the world and dominate, not just to be in one place and build tower and celebrate it.

Always be mindful of God’s plan for your life. Present your heart desires and what you intend to do before God and seek His direction. By this, you will not be confused rather you’ll experience divine peace. Amen.

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