Introduction – Day 7

8 years ago Service Team 0
Spread the Good News

Study Verse: Hebrew 10:25

We uset together to find encourageusnt in one another. The resources for divine exploit do not lie in a single entity or individual. The body of Christ is compleusntary in operation and we are part of that body. We need each other to survive, for the days are evil. The enemy continually seek the destruction of believers and the first step to that destruction is isolation. He isolates the believer using instruusnt s like: ‘busy-ness’, career pursuit/responsibility, family challenges, lukewarmness, carnal friends and like things to keep the believer outside of the group/community. The believers anointing begins to drain naturally until such a point when the enemy can strive and then he strikes. We are encouraged to stay in the camp always and be active in it, there we are protected and encouraged by the presence of God and our fellow believers.

Help us oh God, never to be isolated or to isolate anyone of the flock from the camp.

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