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(Isaiah 60:1-3)

The glory of God is not just a feeling, an event or old testament experience, but a spiritual tsunami of everything contained in the character of God.

The word “Glory” is literally translated as “Heavy Weight” meaning the biggest thing about someone. God’s glory has been called the manifested presence of God, but more than just a presence, it’s demonstration of power. This power has the ability to resurrect, deliver, overcome and transform. It is the greatest of powers in existence.

_It is important to note that; where is there is no expectation, there is no manifestation and where there is no manifestation, there is no celebration._

Before your Manifestation, there are three things to look at.

1. The level of your knowledge
2. The level of your disposal to manifest
3. The level of problems you are willing to solve.

Living an Exemplary Life

Before you begin to manifest God’s Glory, your life must serve as a model through which men come to repentance.

What’s an Exemplary Life?
It’s simply a life of emulation, a commendable life. It’s a life that serves as a model for others.

St. Paul while addressing believers who are striving to maintain Holiness and struggling for perfection, admonished them in “1Timothy 4:12” to be mindful of these five (5) key Areas and give them proper attention.

“Don’t let anyone look down on you because you are young, but set an example for the believers:
*In Speech/Words (Mat. 12:36-37)
*In conduct/character/Behaviour
*In Love/Charity (1John 4:8)
*Fath/Service and (Heb. 11:1, 2Macc. 6:18-31)
*Purity/Holiness (Mat. 5:8)

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Tools needed to live Exemplary Life

These are necessary tools that help one to live his or her life full of emulation. They include – Honesty, Communication, Accountability, Leading from front, Empathy, self control.

At home, office, workshop, Market, school, road etc… be mindful of your life.

“Colossians 3:23”
_Whatever may be your task, work at it heartily, from the soul, as something done for the Lord and not men._

Let our lives at all time reflect God’s glory