Learning How To Tarry and Wait for God (Bible Study)

7 years ago Evangelical Ministry 9
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We know certainly that there are good things you are expecting in this life. Things like money, good employment, visa, personal business, B.Sc/Masters/PhD degrees, spouse, children, good health, houses, car, landed property, promotion, genuine friends, spiritual growth, and so many others. These are good and worth having.

But quite often, these things do not come the moment you desired them, despite all your struggle and hardwork. This may lead to frustration and tendency to give up. This is where the message for today comes handy – wait on God. There is a hope that prevails: the kind of hope that goes through all challenges but refuses to give up.

Today, we will learn more about waiting for God and what to do during the process of waiting.

Class Study

A). What does ‘Waiting on God’ mean? (Bible Study verses: Psalm 130:5-6, Psalm 123:1-2, Psalm 5:3)

1. To expect something from God.
2. Resting on God’s promises.
3. Look unto God for answers.

B). Why should I wait on God? (Bible Study verses: Isaiah 40:27-31, Heb. 13:5, Eccl. 3:11)

1. He is a faithful God.
2. To attract God’s huge blessings.
3. God has His own time
4. For renewal of strength.

C). What should I be doing while waiting for God? (Bible study verse: Psalm 128:1-6, Eccl. 11:6, Luke 18:7-8)

1. Live a holy life
2. Call on God continuously
3. Look for other opportunities God may be bringing your way.
4. Persist in pursuing your life goals.
5. Seek counsel from godly pastors/men.
6. Develop a possibility mindset – God can do it.

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D). Were there men and women that waited on God and received what they requested? (Bible Study verse: Gen. 21:2, Daniel 2:1-23, 1 Kings 18:41-19:8 )

1. Yes, there were many of them.
2. Joseph: Received the kingdom of Egypt
3. Elijah: Received answer to prayer – rain
4. Abraham: received son, Isaac
5. Daniel: Revelation of king’s dream
6. Hannah: received sons and daughters.

E). What does God test when we wait on Him? (Bible Study verses: Gen. 29:20, Matt. 24:13, Ruth 1:15-16 )

1. He tests our patience.
2. Ability to endure and remain steadfast.
3. He checks our level of love for Him.


The hope that prevails is the hope that is placed on God, with a confident assurance that God will surely answer and attend to our requests. Even when he does not answer, this too is for our own good, for God knows all things, and gives us the best. So, let us lean on Him always and refuse to doubt. Amen.