Overcoming The Wind Of Trials (Bible Study)

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Do you often see yourself repeating sin, and been unable to withstand every force of trial? You weep, and feel ashamed. Sometimes, you disassociate yourself from your brothers and sisters because of self-guilt. Your case is not the worst.

The truth is that trials and temptations usually come the way of every living person. However, with proper knowledge and grace one can overcome them.

In today’s study, we will dwell on trials and how to overcome them. This knowledge, we believe, will assist you to grow and stay strong in your life, even amidst trials and persecutions.

What do you understand by trials and persecution? (Bible Study verses: Job 1: 1-22)

1. Painful circumstances allowed by God to discipline and train us.
2. Unlawful oppression of another’s liberty or his unlawful punishment.

Why Do Trials Come? (Bible Study verses: 1 Peter 4:12-13, James 1:2, 12, 2 Cor. 4:16-18)

1. Trials Come Because We Are In the World.
2. Because We Are Christians.
3. To Prove Our Faith, Perseverance and Patience.
4. To develop our godly character.

What Are the Types and Examples of Trials in the Scripture? (Bible study verse: Ps. 3:1-6, Matt. 4:1-11, Hosea 13:6, 2 Cor. 11:23-28)

1. Internal and external Trials.
2. Trials of adversity and prosperity.
3. Job / Daniel.
4. Hannah/ Modecai.
5. King David/ Apostle Paul.

Why Do Some People Fail When They Undergo Trials? (Bible Study verse: 1 Timothy 4:1, Romans 12:1-2, Matthew 7:24 -27)

1. Lack of Faith.
2. Lack of indwelling grace of God.
3. Attachment to the world.
4. Poor Reality of Heaven.
5. Wrong teachings/ Not seeking counsel.
6. Satanic purpose/possession

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What Should You Do When Trials Come? (Bible Study verses: Job 23:10, Matt. 11:44, Ps.46:10)

1. Cling to Jesus Christ.
2. Fast and Pray
3. Resist the Evil & Not compromise.
4. Be calm and think over the situation.
5. Hearken to God’s word & allow Him to act.
6. Enquire about the cause of the trial and take appropriate action to stop it (if possible)
7. Seek godly counsel.


We hoped that today’s study has enriched you with good knowledge about trials: why they come and how to overcome them.

We look forward to seeing you apply the vital principles learnt today to your life. It is our prayer that your life will become better and more successful even as you overcome the trials that come your way. Amen.