The Riches Of Christ Resurrection.

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Resurrection simply means coming back to life after one is dead. Christ resurrection is different from the other resurrection recorded in the history  – Lazarus (Jn 11:1-14), the widow of Nain’s son (Lk 7: 11- 16) and Jairus daughter (Mk 5; 21-42) as well as other similar incidences found in the scripture. While all these people died again, Jesus Christ resurrected to live for ever. The angels told his disciples, “Why are u looking among the dead for one who is alive”(Luke 24:5).

The resurrection of Christ is the greatest event not only in the history of the universe but also one of the most difficult to understand. This is because it violated all known workings of natural laws – including the law of gravity. The earth could not hold Him! (Act 2: 24). It is the greatest display of God’s love and power ever to be demonstrated, nor can it ever be surpassed.

Evidence of His Resurrection – The resurrection of Christ is a real fact in history. When he rose from the dead, he appeared to Peter and the others of his followers. Paul testified that Jesus did rise from the dead (1 Cor 15:3-8).

The Riches of Christ  Resurrection.

1). Foundation of Our Faith:

If Christ has not been raised from death, then we have nothing to preach and have nothing to believe. It means that our faith as Christians is delusion (1 Corth15:17). The resurrection of Christ is the basis and cradle of our christian faith.

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2). Forgiveness, Justification and Reconciliation:

If Christ did not rise, according to St. Paul we are still lost in our sin. No power existed that can deliver anyone from God’s just condemnation to death. Because of our sin, Jesus died and he was raised to life in order to put us right with God meaning our sins has been forgiven (Romans 4:25).

3). Hope for eternal life:

The resurrection of Christ gave us hope of our own resurrection, and as he lives forever, we too are going to live for ever with him. Alleluia.

4). Living Jesus:

Our believe in the living and on-going relationship with Jesus Christ, a living saviour gives us strength. The main reason why the disciples preached so well was that Jesus was alive and with them again. That was why they came storming out of Jerusalem and so influence the world with this message (Act 17:6). The living Jesus has changed their lives, he can do the same for you and me as we develop a relationship with him.

5). Power of God:

The power of God demonstrated at resurrection was so much desired by Paul that he counted everything as nothing (Philp 3:7-10). This power is a miraculous inner transformation which Christ promised and called being”born again”(Jn 3:3-16). When in a person reveals and gives a deeper knowledge and understanding of God’s wisdom through his spirit. This power when in us makes us over-comers to sin, in trials, sadness and conflict (gives us energy to live a holy life).

6). Defeat of Satan:

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Without resurrection of Christ, the qualities which Jesus embodied and examplified through his life, ministry and death would have been crushed. Wickedness would have conquered. The prince of darkness would have been blotted out the prince of light. But thanks be to God, Christ did rose from the dead and defeated Satan.

May the Almighty God give us grace and understanding of the power and riches of Christ’ resurrection. Amen.