Be Strong In The Lord

4 years ago Evangelical Ministry 3
Spread the Good News

Do you desire to be strong in your Maker? Do you desire to work in the might and power of the LORD ALMIGHTY? Then put on His armours.

No soldier fights with bare hands. In this trying times, you need to acquire all of the armours of God in order to navigate through life successfully.

Ephesians 5:10-18 revealed seven of these God’s armours. Let’s check them out:

1. Truth:

Don’t lie. Don’t deceive. Say the truth always. Truth makes you firm.

2. Righteousness:

Abide in Christ and stick to right living. Don’t stick to sin. Be upright.

3. Salvation:

Christ saves. Come to Him. Believe in Him and be baptized in Him.

4. Ready for the Gospel:

Be so prepared to preach the gospel of peace. Have no resistance.

5. Faith:

Believe God. Trust completely every of His spoken word. Doubt nothing!

6. Word of God:

In today’s world, the word of God is the gun, the AK 47, with which you attack! Fill yourself with lots of them.

7. Pray and Watch:

Communicate with your God regularly. Your prayer carries power. Be at alert also. Let nothing take you by surprise!

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