Do Not Be Distracted.

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There was a famous folktale on how death came to be among us. A community was once asked to send message to God on whether they want to be dying or not,  and by the instruction, they were to send their response through two messengers – one bearing a message of life, the other death.

The community played smart and chose dog to deliver the message that men should not die while they handed toad the message of death. Their guess that dog being a fast runner will reach on time and save man from misery of death.  And off the two went! And as expected, the dog within minutes had ran a far distance.  His kindred cheered him off; but for the toad, they laughed to scorn seeing his jumps and rather slow movement.

But some hours later, terrifying news filtered in – death had been upheld. ‘How come?,’ ‘what happened?’, were the questions on the mouth of disheartened kindred. It turned out that the dog while getting near to the God’s palace perceived an ‘aroma’ of a fresh shit defecated in a near farm. He stopped and went to help himself; he was even there fighting over the faeces with other animals when the toad came by and passed; reached the palace and delivered the message of death to God.

Funny as it may be but similar things happen in real life. There are those of us that by virtue of their blessings, positions and talent were expected by now to be great and impacting lives richly, but ashamedly, they are huge disgrace! You will be wondering what happened? Why this stunted growth? Why the slow pace? The answer is not farfetched.

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Distraction has crept in; and there is no way you will entertain distractions regularly in your field and still maintain your pace and focus. You cannot keep riding on the thorns and still sustain the speed. No! Your tires must deflate!

Men have lost their glories; some demoted, stripped of their crowns, shamed, disengaged, deserted and even killed, just because they allow a miniature things to divert their attentions to something else not (very) relevant to their life pursuit. The most pitiable are those who have deviated from their main purpose in life; trending in something else, probably to earn a cheap worldly praise.

The question then comes – are you currently been distracted? When distraction comes will you know? Can one keep distractions off his life? If I have suffered as a result of distraction, what step can I take to recover and keep to my life purpose?

These and more questions will we be treating as we continue the series on ‘Do Not Be Distracted.’ We encourage you to be focused and invest every bit of your time well because your life is precious before God and men. Shalom.