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God the Father Loves You Personally

God loves us passionately that his purpose for for us was to come to the full knowledge of his agape love. The purpose of creation was born out of love. In Genesis 1:1-25, God created the universe and everything in it by words of mouth, but when it got to verse 26, he summoned the Trinity for brainstorming, and they planned the creation of man. That’s why he gave human being the name “MAN”. Meaning that human being is to take dominion in the Morning “M”, Afternoon “A” and Night “N”. In the course of this, sin entered into the world and ruined everything he had planned for man. God began to look for another alternative to reunite us again to his love. Then came the choice to sacrifice his only son.

John 3:16 – says that “God so much loved us that he gave his only begotten son to prepare salvation for the entire world.” What Christ demonstrated on the cross is something that mere eyes can’t understand. Therefore, when we surrender totally to this love, our salvation becomes non negotiable.

Romans 5:8 says that “while we were yet sinners, when we knew not the love, when we were ignorant of his personality, Christ came and died for us.”

Beyond this general love which makes the sun to shine upon both the good and the evil, which makes the rain to fall for both the good and the bad, he loves us personally, this is the kind that made him to give up on his only son for our sake.

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How do we understand this?

From the time Isaac bore Jacob and Esau, God loved both of them but he chose one and loved him above the other. He says in his word; “Jacob I love and chosen and Esau I detest”. Haven seen this, the Lord chose you and I as his elects by making us Christians, the chosen Charismatics.

Jeremiah 1:4-5 says that “before we were born, he has chosen us and knew what we would be”. At consummation, there were about 6 million sperms released but God made you a Victor. You never knew that such battle took place. That is the height God’s love for us.

Activities of God’s Love!

– God’s personal love for your sake made him to forsake other nations (Isaiah 43:7).
– God’s personal love qualified us to be called God’s children.
– God’s personal love calls you not sinful.
– God’s personal love justified us, a state where a sinner is acquainted to go free without bearing any scars of sin. That’s what God’s personal love does for us. He has cancelled the unfavorable records of our depths with its binding rules and made a way with it by nailing it to the cross (Colossians 2:14).
– God’s personal love made us to be useful and profitable (Deutronomy 8:18).
– God’s love makes us to be available in his presence daily.
– God’s love gives us material possession we seek for.
– God’s love makes us survivors of life storms and challenges.

Haven toiled in sin and iniquities, God saw how dejected we are, how stained and depressed we are in sin, he picked us from that state of iniquities, that dungeon of sin, delivered us from that dominion of sin and purified us through the washing of the blood of Jesus Christ his only son. It is the personally the love of God that has brought us this far.


Haven done all this for us, if we still find ourselves in this disgusting acts of sin, we are crucifying him the second time. God is calling us again to embrace this everlasting love by consciously and diligently working it out in fear and trembling before him. Let’s forsake sin and embrace righteousness.