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Text: (1 Cor 6:12-20)


By the waters of baptism we have been cleansed and given access to the Father. We are God’s children. Beyond that, we are His ambassadors here.

The temple is the presence of God where we meet with Him. People go to the temple with the hope of meeting with God.

Today’s topic calls to a realisation that we are living temples of God. Christ dwells in us by His Spirit. Hence, the admonition to guard jealously our temple and not unite it with the body of a prostitute.

Whether we realise that the presence of God is in us or not does not diminish His presence. However, it is only when we acknowledge His presence in us that He will manifest Himself in us. The call to guard our temple presupposes that the temple can be destroyed or desecrated.

The presence of the Lord in the temple is the glory of the temple. Likewise, the presence of the Holy Spirit in us is the glory of God made manifest in us. Signs and wonder, and other manifestations in the life of a man is a proof of the presence of the Spirit of God in us. Since our body is the temple of the Holy Spirit, we should not be careless with our bodies. Take proper care of our body physically; feed well, groom well.

We should not devote our bodies to any other thing but to the worship of God. Therefore, having taken care of our physical bodies, we must take care of our spiritual being.


One of the key ways we can guard our temple is through “security networking”. That is; surrounding ourselves with people that will keep us on the alert against possible dangers against our temple.


Be conscious that the Master wants us to be wise servants (Luke 12:35). Guarding our temple entails a regular examination of our lives to ensure that our lives are still directed by the Holy Spirit.

As we guard our temple, we need not be discouraged by our imperfections. God is more interested in our genuine effort and not necessary our human quest for perfection.

When we guard our temples, then whenever we speak or act, we can be sure that it is Christ that is speaking in us. We can say, like Christ, “The words I speak to you are not mine but the words of my Father”.

The sacraments of reconciliation and Holy eucharist are important sacraments that…….