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Text: Ephesians 4:23-24, Romans 12:2)

What is the mind?

The mind is a set of process that have our consciousness, perception, thinking and our will.

What is Renew?

To make new. Meaning that something has gone wrong.

Due to the love of God, He restored man to his past glory. Because the intent of satan is to bring man down in entirety.

Question: Those of us who have received Jesus, do we need renewal?

Answer: Yes! This is due to our tendency of falling even after baptism (Colossians 2:11).

The three components of man;

The body and the Spirir battles to take control of the soul. The mind inhabits the soul and is subject to the control of either the body or the spirit.

“What renews man is the Spirit of God”.

Our soul as God’s children is to be controlled by the Holy Spirit and this can only be possible when we are renewed. In the flesh, it is impossible to please God.

The world system!!
(2 Tim 3:1-4)
Most of the things in the world are evil and as believers, we must beware. We must beware of what we see, especially for our young ones. These things corrupts our mind and influence our life.

The devil would not force you to commit any sin, he will only appeal.
When our minds are renewed, we see the vanity in this life. If we must be in sincere pursuit for God’s kingdom, we must live a life different from the world system.

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Things to be mindful of:
✓The things we do.
✓The things we see.
✓The things we read.
✓The things we think.

For our minds to be renewed, it should be like our Lord Jesus Christ (Phil 2:5). We must keep looking unto Him consciously. Our thoughts should be on godly matters alone.

The word of God gives us the power to overcome sin. Our decision to overcome sin is key to our overcoming it. The battle of our mind would continue until we die.
This is because, the devil is always looking for an opportunity to get us down. This is a battlefield… The battle of the mind.

One of the ways of scaling through this battle is by keeping away from occasions of sin.

Those whose minds are renewed can easily link up with God and have real intimacy with Him.
Those renewed in mind always seeks to do the will of God. The ultimate reward of our renewal is Heaven. If we are not renewed, we cannot stand temptation, we cannot die for Christ’s sake.

In Conclusion, our minds must be renewed for our identity in Christ Jesus to be sure. It must be like our Masters’ in order to fulfill the will of the Father.