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In 1Samuel chapter 17 verse 47 the word of God says “and everyone here will see that the lord does not need swords or spears to save his people .He is victorious in battle ,and he will put all of you in our power”

The above was the words of David to Goliath the philistine champion when Goliath threatened the Israelites. This made the Israelites dismayed and greatly afraid (1Sam 17:11). In the eyes of the Israelites they are doomed. They believed they have no one to fight him and in their mind they will become automatically slaves to the philistine after that day.

They forgot entirely who they are and the God they serve and worship. They did not think that God was big enough for the job. But not David because he knows the God he serve can do all things and this one is not an exception.

David knows God will fight for him and told king Saul let no one worry he said your servant will go and fight with this philistine, and the lord who saved me from the paw of the lion and the paw of the bear, will save me (1Sam32,37).

Brethren you can face any challenges or obstacles and overcome them when you know what David knew because the battle is the Lord’s (2Chronicles 20: 15)
We did not have to depend on our resources, David may have felt small but he knew that God was big enough for the challenge. Then I ask “US” Brethren, HOW BIG IS YOUR GOD? Secondly, DO YOU TRUST HIM ?.


Are you going through challenges of life, obstacles here and there upon struggles, trials, tribulations and you think these problems have defeated you ,this message is for you. I am telling you today that if you KNOW HOW BIG YOUR God is, you will relax and allow your God to fight your battle. Know that there are so many things in life that is only God that can handle. God is bigger than all our problems, our fears and mountains seen and unseen.

Finally, remember that how you handle life depends how big you think your God is .
God bless you.